Dwayne’s can transfer your Super 8 & Regular 8 movies into DVD or Mini DV formats.

Note: Mini-DV is only available in NTSC format.

Copyright Notification

The customer certifies that all materials submitted were either created by the customer or the customer has the premission of the copyright holder to duplicate them. All copyrighted material must be accompanied by a written copyright release. The customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless all companies and entities involved in the creation and distribution of the transfer, with respect to any claim for copyright violations arising out of materials submitted by the customer.

All orders for film processing are billed a standard shipping and handling charge of $5.00 for the first roll and $0.50 for each additional roll. Additional charges may apply if expedited shipping options are selected. For further information about shipping click here.

Movie Film Transferring

Film Type
Film Length
Film Transfer Options
DVD Formatting (720x480 / 4:3 àspect MPEG4 Codec)
Prepare for Telecine
Duplicate Transfers