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What chemicals do you use to develop black and white film ? And what paper do you use to print them?

We print on Ilford paper and use a developer manufactured by Fuji that is similar to Kodak’s Duraflow RT developer for B&W film.

Do you process film from customers outside the U.S. (International Customers) ?

Yes, we accept film all over the world.

What is prepping for telecine and why would I want that?

For Movie Film, prepping for telecine is simply adding 9 feet of leader to the head and tail of the processed roll. Either a single roll or putting the rolls together. This can be done in random order or in a numerical order that you have marked on the film. Prepping for telecine makes transferring to another medium like DVD or MiniDV less timely.

Do you offer cross processing?

Yes. Currently, the only type of film that we offer cross processing on is E-6 slide film processed as C-41 color film.

How can I tell if my Vintage (Discontinued) Film has been used?

126 film Look in the window in the center of the 126 cartridge, if you can see arrows pointing to the right >>>> your film has not been exposed (No pictures have been taken).
If the arrows are pointing to the left <<<< or you can see a number in the window or nothing at all, your film has been exposed. (Pictures have been taken).

Disc film If you cannot see a number in the small window of the disc
(No pictures have been taken).
If the small window has a number greater than 1 up to 15x your film has been exposed. (Pictures have been taken).

What are your terms and conditions?

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