Terms & Conditions

1. Limit of Liability

Submitting any film or negative to this firm for processing or other handling constitutes an agreement by you that any damages or loss by our company, subsidiaries, or agents, even though due to the negligence or other fault of our company, subsidiaries, or agents, will only entitle you to a replacement with a like amount of unexposed film or processing. Except for such replacement, the acceptance of the film or negative is without other warranty or liability, and recovery for any incidental or consequential damages is excluded. Dwayne’s Photo is not responsible for any loss, damage or delay caused by the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, or any other package carrier. Prices and terms are subject to change without notice.

2. Copyright Notification for Film Transfers

The customer certifies that all materials submitted were either created by the customer or the customer has the premission of the copyright holder to duplicate them. All copyrighted material must be accompanied by a written copyright release. The customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless all companies and entities involved in the creation and distribution of the transfer, with respect to any claim for copyright violations arising out of materials submitted by the customer.